The « Mesopotamia Observatory of Justice » (hereinafter « the foundation ») is a foundation constituted and governed by Swiss law, including by Article 80 of the Swiss Civil Code. The foundation is registered in the Trade Register and subject to the supervision of the competent authority. MoJust aims to:
  • Shed light on the nature of gross violations of human rights and international crimes committed in the Middle East, both in the recent past and the present
  • Develop local and regional awareness on the mechanisms of public international law available to challenge gross human rights violations and international crimes
  • Improve the protection of human rights and the enforcement of international humanitarian law during conflicts and emergencies, and to assist all efforts in favor of conflict resolution, including the adoption of political settlements and post-conflict mechanisms
  • Improve the protection of habitat and heritage, including sites and assets in the Middle East, and the prospects of legal redress against persons, groups or States responsible for damage and destruction
  • Advance the juridical work and debate for a non-patriarchal society based on ecological principles, protection of nature, social justice, direct democracy and solidarity economy
  • Assist and advise victims of political repression, torture, forced migration or deportation, and the destruction of homes and cultural heritage, with particular concern for the needs and rights of children, women, the elderly and anyone whose rights have been violated due to religious, political or ethnic identity or affiliation
  • Organize seminars, conferences, symposia and similar activities to reveal gross violations of human rights and international crimes and advise on the prospects of legal action under public international law
  • Develop sustainable cooperation with organizations pursuing similar objectives, wherever they may be
  • Work in solidarity and cooperation with repressed lawyers and human rights defenders in our target region
  • Contribute to and encourage research and publications in line with our concerns
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