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Turkey’s Destruction of Kurdish Graves

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This report, published by the Swiss based Mesopotamia Observatory of Justice (MOJUST) and Turkey based Özgürlük için Hukukçular Derneği (Association of Lawyers for Freedom – ÖHD) provides, for the first time, an unprecedented account of Tur- key’s war that has been directed against Kurdish cemeteries and graves in the South East of Turkey (North Kurdistan) from 2015 to the end of 2020.

This report is unique for three significant reasons. Firstly, it consolidates news presented by domestic and international newspapers as well as news agencies and the findings of human rights associations in Turkey that have addressed the nature and form of the Turkish state’s attacks on Kurdish graves and cemeteries. Secondly, it demonstrates how the pro-Kurdish party, the Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP), persistently tries to hold the executive accountable in Parliament for the widespread and systematic attacks that have taken place against Kurdish cemeteries and graves in North Kurdistan by the Turkish security forces. Finally, it presents a rigorous study using empirical methods that have been used by both MOJUST and ÖHD in their tirelessly pro- bono efforts to assist the victims of these attacks in their quest of justice in order to break the state’s traditional and systematic policy of impunity for perpetrators of these heinous crimes.

The research has the added advantage of making information accessible, in one place, about Turkey’s systematic war against Kurdish cemeteries and graves in North Kurdistan. It will, there- fore, be a key resource and substantially appeal to many scholars who write about the treatment of the Kurds by the Turkish state. In this context, this research will fill in an important gap in the field of Kurdish Studies and it has the potential to attract the interest of a wide readership.

This report consists of two parts. The first part of the report gives an overview brief on Turkey’s Kurdish suppression policy under both the Kemalist (from 1923 to 2002) and the Erdogan regimes (post-2002 to present). The second part of this report provides the detail account of Turkey’s systematic war against Kurdish cemeteries and graves in North Kurdistan from 2015 to the end of 2020.

Please contact us if you want a printed copy of the report. You can also find the online version of the report here