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In memoriam for the victims of Armenian Genocide

In memoriam for the victims of Armenian Genocide

April 24th marks the 109th anniversary of Metz Yeghern -the Great Evil – when more than one million men, women, and children were exterminated by the ottoman nationalist government in Mesopotamia.

Armenian Genocide in 1915 was a prelude to a series of other mass-atrocity crimes such as deportations, ethnic cleansing, mass murders, forced migrations and implementation of different stages of genocides committed in the Middle East against Greeks, Kurds, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Nastorians, Yazidis, Palestinians just to mention but a few: Sayfo Genocide ( 1915-1920); Tel al-Zaatar massacre 1976, century- long cultural genocide against Kurds; Al-Anfal Campaign including the Halabja Massacre 1988; Gaza war 2008-2009 and 2023/24, chemical attack in Gouta 2013; genocidal massacres in Sinjar 2014, urban warfare and war crimes in Kurdish cities in Turkey 2015-2016, mass massacres in Yemen 2018.

Successive Turkish governments until nowadays have taken the blame for exterminating hundreds of thousands of civilians as a «war measure» continuing to deny recognizing established facts, based on qualitative and quantitative research on Armenian Genocide.

Apart from the fact that denying genocide is a crime in some countries including Switzerland, Mesopotamia Observatory of Justice recalls there has also never been an international tribunal to restore justice. The leading perpetrators were never prosecuted for their crimes. The survivors never received restitution for their losses nor were able to mourn over their beloved ones. The surviving generations never found justice for the terror inflicted on their ancestors.

Mesopotamia Observatory of Justice affirms its determination to make every effort to contribute to bringing justice to the victims of genocides, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in the Middle East during the twentieth century as well as in the actual period.
The Genocide and crimes against humanity are not only atrocity crimes against one people but also a lasting threat against international public order

Mesopotamia Observatory of Justice will never forget the Armenian Genocide and will remain highly motivated by the judicial and legal fight against denial, the recognition of crimes and the prosecution of the perpetrators of atrocities in the Middle East.

Mesopotamia Observatory of Justice