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Legal Proceedings Against Israel at The Hague

In a groundbreaking legal move, the Republic of South Africa has initiated a case against the State of Israel at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague. This unprecedented case, opened on December 29, 2023, marks a significant moment in international law and relations. Accusation at the Core: South Africa has formally accused […]

Trial of Sonko for Alleged Crimes Against Humanity Opens in Switzerland

Ousman Sonko, a former Gambian Interior Minister, is being tried in Switzerland from January 8 for alleged crimes against humanity committed in his home country between 2000 and 2016. The highly anticipated trial, held at the Federal Criminal Court of Bellinzona, is expected to last until January 30. This trial is seen by victim associations […]

Armenia Joins The ICC in a Geopolitical Tightrope

Azerbaijan has gained full control of the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, leading to mass exodus of Armenians from the enclave. In a move to prevent further attacks from Azerbaijan on Armenia and hold it responsible for potential war crimes, Armenia ratified the Rome Statute, the founding treaty of the International Criminal Court, on October 3. But […]

Former Algerian Minister of Defense Khaled Nezzar arrested in Switzerland

Former Algerian Minister of Defense, Khaled Nezzar, is set to stand trial in Switzerland on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The prospect of this trial rekindles hope for justice for the victims of the Algerian civil war. This historic case will feature the highest-ranking military official ever to be charged with such […]

On the current events in Iran and Rojhilat

The history of the Kurds indicates that betrayal and treachery has played an essential role in their domination over at least the last four centuries. In this short paper, I claim that the Kurdish people should reflect on the death of Jîna Emînî (Mahsa Amini), and the current events in Iran, from a political realist […]

The Law, « Othered » Asylum seekers and the UK

In an interview, Margaret Owen OBE, a barrister, international women’s human rights activist, patron of Peace in Kurdistan and founder and president of Widows for Peace and Democracy (WPD) and advisor at Mojust, explained why Suella Braverman’s position as UK’s home secretary is untenable, given the asylum policies and practices she has overseen, which have […]

Turkey’s destruction of Kurdish cemeteries

A recently published report of mine – ‘Turkey’s Destruction of Kurdish Graves’ – published by the Mesopotamia Observatory of Justice (Mojust) and the Turkey based Özgürlük için Hukukçular Derneği (Association of Lawyers for Freedom – ÖHD) provides, for the first time, an unprecedented account of Turkey’s acts of destruction that have been directed against Kurdish […]

Persecution of human rights defenders in Turkey

Friday’s conviction of four human rights defenders of terrorism charges in Istanbul continues the pattern of prosecutions designed to restrict human rights defenders and silence critical voices. These baseless convictions are consistent with the recent warning of Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatovic, of a politicised Turkish judiciary criminalising legitimate and peaceful […]

Three opposition MPs in Turkey removed from office and arrested

Three opposition MPs in Turkey had their parliamentary immunity revoked and were arrested on Thursday in a re-opening of the Government’s campaign against the democratic mandate. The announcement in parliament prompted shock, anger and protests among People’s Democratic Party (HDP) and Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputies. This latest disregard for the expression of the will […]

The legacy of state of emergency rule in Turkey

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed our lives and enjoyment of rights. The now-familiar curfews and other restrictions are, in principle, permissible under human rights law (see here and here). Nonetheless, there are many unresolved questions (see here and here) and, for some, the pandemic-emergency is an opportunity to weaken democratic institutions and set permanent […]