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UN: Turkey’s withdrawing from Istanbul Convention is shocking

Turkey’s announcement at the weekend that it was withdrawing from the Istanbul Convention, an important regional human rights treaty on combatting all forms of violence against women, highlights wider concerns regarding the human rights situation in the country, notably the shrinking of civic space and the lack of meaningful and democratic participation in decision making.  […]

UN expert: US must remove sanctions and allow Syria to rebuild

UN human rights expert Alena Douhan today called on the United States to remove unilateral sanctions which may inhibit rebuilding of Syria’s civilian infrastructure destroyed by the conflict. “The sanctions violate the human rights of the Syrian people, whose country has been destroyed by almost 10 years of ongoing conflict,” said Douhan, UN special rapporteur […]

Une semaine pas très spéciale à Diyarbakir

C’est un dur métier d’être défenseur.e des droits ou avocat.e à Diyarbakir. Pour celles et ceux qui ne la connaissent pas, Diyarbakir est une ville mésopotamienne dont le quartier antique avait été intégré dans l’inventaire du patrimoine culturel mondial avant d’être rasé et carrément bombardé en 2015 par les chars de l’armée et les escadrons […]

UN experts call on Iran to halt execution of Ahmadreza Djalali

UN human rights experts* said they were alarmed by reports that Iranian-Swedish academic Ahmadreza Djalali has reportedly been transferred to solitary confinement in preparation for his execution despite widely held findings his trial was grossly unfair and he was tortured.  “We are horrified by the reports that Mr. Djalali is soon to be executed by the […]

Trump’s record of criminal activities and Saudi complicity in child massacres in Yemen

In late January 2017, just weeks after Donald Trump was sworn in as commander-in-chief, U.S. troops carried out a raid in the southwestern Yemeni village of al-Ghayil that marked the start of his presidency with bloodshed. The raid, led by dozens of U.S. special forces troops backed by helicopters, allegedly intended to hit Al Qaeda operatives believed to […]

IADL demands freedom for Maher al-Akhras

The calls for freedom for imprisoned Palestinian hunger striker Maher al-Akhras are growing as he enters his 92nd day of hunger strike against his imprisonment without charge or trial under Israeli administrative detention. An international day of action and symbolic global hunger strikes is being organized for 28 October, and United Nations Special Rapporteur Michael Lynk called for the immediate […]

UN Commission of Inquiry on Syria: Turkey-backed SNA committed the war crimes

Syrians continue to be killed, suffer severe hardships and grave rights violations, despite a relative reduction in largescale hostilities since the 5 March ceasefire, according to the latest findings of the UN Syrian Commission of Inquiry. The Commission of Inquiry’s 25-page report released today documents continuing violations and abuses by nearly every conflict actor controlling territory in […]

Switzerland’s new “terrorism” definition sets a dangerous precedent worldwide

Switzerland’s draft anti-terrorism legislation violates international human rights standards by expanding the definition of terrorism, and would set a dangerous precedent for the suppression of political dissent worldwide, UN human rights experts* warned today. They expressed regret at the refusal of the Swiss authorities to change contentious sections of the draft law, now before parliament, […]

Iraq: Justice and reconciliation key to ending long-term internal displacement

A UN human rights expert has urged Iraq to redouble its efforts to assist and protect internally displaced persons, and support them in achieving lasting solutions, with particular care for the most vulnerable. “I commend the Government of Iraq for the measures it has taken to address internal displacement that have been instrumental in promoting […]

Remembering Srebrenica: Honour victims and survivors by preventing future atrocities

UN human rights experts today urged governments to honour victims of the 1995 Srebrenica genocide by building peaceful, inclusive and just societies to prevent a repetition of such an atrocity. “Genocides are not spontaneous,” the 17 experts said. “They are the culmination of unchallenged and unchecked intolerance, discrimination and violence.” On the 25th anniversary of the […]

Justice for the victims of Dersim Genocide

On 4 May 1937, the Council of Ministers of Turkey, in close collaboration with the General Staff of Turkish Army decided secretly on a forceful attack against the alavi Kurdish population of Dersim, to kill all kurds who resisted to the forced assimilation policies and to deport the civilian surviving population according to the 1934 […]

Mojust in memoriam for the victims of Armenian Genocide

April 24th marks the 106th anniversary of Metz Yeghern -the Great Evil – when more than one million men, women, and children were exterminated by the ottoman nationalist government in Mesopotamia.  Armenian Genocide in 1905 was a prelude to a series of  other mass-atrocity crimes such as deportations, ethnic cleansing, mass murders, forced migrations and […]

Pour la libération de tous les prisonnières et des prisonniers politiques en Turquie

Le projet de modification de loi sur l’exécution des peines et des mesures a été présenté à la Présidence de l’Assemblée nationale turque (AN) en date du 18 mars 2020.  En préambule, les auteurs de ce projet faisaient référence à la pandémie actuelle, COVID-19, et attiraient l’attention du législateur sur les conséquences désastreuses que pourraient […]

Tsitsekun*: The Circassian genocide will neither be forgotten nor forgiven !

« What happened was a terrible tragedy, but it wasn’t intentional » « …to suppress the mountain people and to obliterate disobedient. » How many times have we listened these sayings taken from the cliche-box of the genocide denial?  So were they used also to talk apologetically about the Circassian genocide. The indigenous peoples of Circassia; Circassians, mainly Adyghe, […]

Halabja massacre is a war crime

The Mesopotamia Observatory of Justice, MOJUST,  remembers solemnly the mass massacre perpetrated on March 16, 1988 in the Kurdish town of Halabja in Iraq by former dictator Saddam Hussein’s forces.  Facing the artillery and air strikes, Kurdish forces had withdrawn to the surrounding zone, leaving behind 5’000 women, children and the elderly who were killed […]